Piloter Series

The Piloter series syetem is a high performance dedicated POC system, simple to use, lightweight, and durable with best-in-class image quality. Piloter has unique designs providing best POC experience especially for MSK, pain management, nerve block, vascular access, emergency room and ICU.

  • 13.3 - inch HD touch screen

  • Built-in Storage Tray, Dedicated Probe Holder for Disinfection

    Dedicated probe holders for easily complete the probe disinfection by single person

  • 3 in 1 Handle

    180° rotated flexibly meet versatile application scenarios


  • Auto Doppler

    Intelligently find the position of the blood vessel, identify the direction of the blood vessel, and automatically set the B, Color and PW correction angle to improve the operation efficiency.

  • Spatial-Time Speckle Reduction Technology

    Bigger data analysis based on both spatial and time spatial and time dimensions, realizing precise noise reduction, improving signal-to-noise ratio and achieving excellent images.


    HOLO™ PW supports3 PW images in real time. After freezing, the SV position can be re-imaged arbitrarily, and the stenosis measurement are more accurate in the same cardiac cycle.

  • Ultra-wide Steer Angle

    The beam with ultra-wide steer angle, minimum step adjustment 1°, precisely match the shape of the blood vessel, obtain stronger Doppler signal, providing excellent spectrum, blood flow image.

  • wiNeedle - Intelligent Needle Enhancement Technology

    Automatic needle detection
    Automatic beam steering
    Intelligent needle tip and shaft detection

  • wiGuide - Magnetic Needle Tracking Technology

    Support In-plane and Out-of-plane Puncture
    Real-time Positioning
    Real-time Spatial 3D Graphical Guidelines

  • wiShow - Teaching Recording

    Support USB Live Camera
    Simultaneously Record Scanning Gesture Ultrasound Images and Voice
    On-site Projector Teaching for Long Time Recording

  • wiNerve AI Intelligent Nerve Recognition

    Real-time Recognition
    Cloud Solution
    Support Multiple Nerves

  • Clover Probe Family

    Clover provides a full range of transducers for all parts of children or adults.

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