Clivia Series

A new vision for point-of-care

Clivia color Doppler ultrasound is a high-end bedside ultrasound diagnostic system with unique industrial design, professional high-quality images, customized smart workflow, and cloud service functions, allowing you to
calmly deal with various challenges in clinical work. The perfect fusion of classic
and fashion combining technological innovation and practical application of Clivia
will bring you an unprecedented experience.


  • Large Full Touch Screen 17.3-inch

    Support liquid disinfection

  • Articulating Arm

    Flexible screen distance to user
    Durable shaft
    Optimal rotation force

  • Dual workflow

  • Whole-day Battery Backup

    Batteries Support more than 6h Real-time Scanning
    Independent Battery Duration Time Display
    Extra built-in battery

  • Smart Trolly

    One-button electric height lift
    Built-in coded lock


  • New Generation HoloBeam Platform

    Whole field focusing
    Excellent image quality
    Exceptional Image Quality and Faster Frame Rate

  • Auto Diaphragm Measurement

    Quick assessment of diaphragm function
    Accurate measurement results
    Facilitates continuous rehabilitation assessment

  • Auto Vessel Measurement

    Auto vessel diameter, area Auto volume flow calculation

  • wiNeedle - Intelligent Needle Enhancement Technology

    Automatic needle detection
    Automatic beam steering
    Intelligent needle tip and shaft detection

  • wiGuide - Magnetic Needle Tracking Technology

    Support In-plane and Out-of-plane Puncture
    Real-time Positioning
    Real-time Spatial 3D Graphical Guidelines

  • wiShow - Teaching Recording

    Support USB Live Camera
    Simultaneously Record Scanning Gesture Ultrasound Images and Voice
    On-site Projector Teaching for Long Time Recording

  • wiNerve AI Intelligent Nerve Recognition

    Real-time Recognition
    Cloud Solution
    Support Multiple Nerves

  • Remote Control Probes

    3 probe buttons
    Button function interface icon
    Remotely interact with the main unit

  • Clivia Probe Family

    Full range of probes
    Provide complete bedside solutions

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